Toronto Star: Education Forum

January 10, 2007

Education Forum: “The Star spoke with Jason Nolan, an assistant professor at the School of Early Childhood Education at Ryerson University, about educational blogging and learning with technology.” [This was in the print version of the star last month, but didn’t get online.]

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What Your Freshmen Don’t Know

August 23, 2006

Two things funny about this article. The first is that I don’t get half of it because it is so completely ‘mercian. Oh, and I just don’t care about half of them. Here are the interesting ones, as far as I’m concerned. Remember I have 120 frost I’m meeting next week. Inside Higher Ed :: […]

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The Canadian Press on Educational Blogging

August 18, 2006

Just had a chat with someone from The Canadian Press. It was a phone interview on the educational uses of blogging in higher education. Got to mention alex, Rochelle and Roger regarding their blog work, as well as the development of blogging tools at Ryerson. Relatively painless, and good to get Ryerson on the map.

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Somerville’s Honorary Doctorate @ Ryerson

July 7, 2006

I wasn’t able to post all this earlier, and perhaps that was for the best, as I’ve been able to get a bit more perspective on things. Most of you heard that Somerville was getting an Honorary Doctorate at Ryerson, and that many faculty members felt that it was unfortunate that the university would want […]

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Metaphorica Weblog » Podcast of our STHLE Presentation

June 15, 2006

Rochelle and I have a new web site and blog, and such. Head on over to and check out the podcast of our conference presentation today: Podcast of our STHLE Presentation

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Ryerson to honour gay-marriage critic

June 9, 2006 – Ryerson to honour gay-marriage critic Degree to come at start of Pride WeekEthicist says she’s pro-child, not anti-gay… Margaret Somerville is a well-known Montreal ethicist who holds a slew of honorary degrees — and strong opinions against same-sex marriage. Her views have generated controversy, enraged gay-rights activists, attracted hate mail and even prompted […]

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ifoAppleStore –

April 18, 2006

ifoAppleStore – News and information about Apple Computer’s retail stores lists all the new apple stores going in in Canada. There are two new ones going in in Toronto, one opening next month in the Ryerson area, between my office and the new business school building, in the good ol’ Eaton Centre. At present I […]

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The Trouble with Normal

February 23, 2006

The Trouble with Normal is the blog of Ryerson professor Filippo Salustri. And the software is something he’s writing up. Very interesting stuff. I think I need to find out all the Ryerson faculty who are blogging these days.

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