Ultimate iPhone Review- Will it Blend?

July 11, 2007

Found this on Slashdot. Please don’t try this at home 🙂


A good dinner

June 24, 2007

Yukazine and I had Random Access Mazar and Catspaw over for dinner. We’ve not seen Catspaw in 6 months, and only a few times since she started to work at Google, so this was a rare treat. She said her visit to Toronto had something to do with Vint Cerf, but I have no idea […]


One Pancake

March 9, 2007

Yuka wanted pancakes today. I’ve never made them from scratch, so I went to the net and found 100,000 recipes. And I didn’t have the stuff, so I made up my own: one cup flour (i used organic spelt, cause that was all I had) one egg one tablespoon sugar one pinch of salt one […]


The Fridge Magnet

February 28, 2007

I’m interested in the metaphor of “The fridge magnet” and what it says about how children and parents share information, sticking art and notices on the fridge door, AND what draws us to the fridge in terms of food choices and nutrition. I think that ECE, in taking a more age appropriate child-centered approach, can […]

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White bread increases cancer risk

October 21, 2006

[Of course, I’ve not personally verified this, so this is just ‘information’, but it is interesting. I certainly do not eat white bread as a rule.] White bread increases cancer risk | the Daily Mail Eating lots of white bread raises the risk of a cancer that kills thousands of Britons every year, according to […]

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Cooking the ‘Za

October 5, 2006

[Listen to Thin Lizzy’s The Boys Are Back in Town on Last.fm in another window while reading this] Catsy is back in down doing some cult/evangelicalical work for Google. So we’re having a good ol’time pizza night, which I’ve not organized in ages, this saturday night. Rochelle‘s the major force, and JuliaD should be there […]



September 16, 2006

I got two new frypans from Cuisinox that I’m thrilled with… I only had a 35cm big pan and a 15cm pot that were good. Now I have a 20cm frypan and the 30cm pan with the extra handle. All 18/10 stainless steel. No silly ‘no stick’ surface to rot your brain.


Flashing the Pan

April 1, 2006

Yuka took me to a store called Calphalon on King. I was going to MEC to look for something they didn’t have… though I didn’t know that at the time. Anyway, we found this 12″ pan. And bought it. Not only was it on sale for next to nothing, but it is just what we […]


It is all in the Za…

March 26, 2006

Catsy and Rochelle joined Yuka, Masiko and I for Za last night. First social run of my new convection oven. I’m still rethinking my dough… upped the oil and the semolina, and got a really elasticy dough. I think I should try 100% semolina, but I’m a wimp. Made 4 variations on the same pizza. […]

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