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Sankai Juku

On tuesday yuka and I saw Sankai Juku perform Kagemi in Toronto. Sankai Juku is my favourite dance group, and the video in that link will show you. Yuka knows one of the dancers online, and it was a joy to see someone you have talked to move like that. Ichi is the dancer second on your left.


ARTROOM… Saatchi Gallery

Thanks to Azoix for telling me aobut the Saatchi Gallery’s ARTROOM… where kids can make and display art online. It looks similar to kidpix, and they’ll accept submissions for the gallery. AGO’s got something interesting on portraits, but I can’t remember where I put that info.

AGO Exhibition: In Your Face

I was over at the AGO yesterday. A number of ECE faculty will be consulting with the AGO on some issues relating to learning. We saw a bit of this project which will be opening July 1, and it sounds really exciting. If you want to get your portrait in a gallery, here’s your chance… and since the project is ongoing, there’s no rush.

Exhibition: In Your Face