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Pony Bistro

Yuka and I had an absolutely wonderful dinner at Pony Bistro. It is about 30m from our house (see from: 456 college street to: 488 college st. - Google Maps), but we’d never been there before. We shared the Mesculin Salad and Grilled Calamari (w/ with chipotle peppers, lime, spinach and saffron red pepper aioli), while i had the Steak Frites (w/ bourbon butter, cumin fries and chipotle lime aioli) and Yuka had Coq au Vin
(w/ herb roasted Cornish hen with celeriac mash & bacon mushroom ragout in
red wine sauce) and a bottle of something very nice I cannot remember.

All of the food was much better than I’ve had out for as long as I can remember. Better than old favorite Select Bistro, and more recent Gamelle which is next door. Highly recommened, and reasonably priced, and very nice laidback folks. Will be going there again this month for sure.

Scotsman.com News - Health - The equaliser

It seems that Resveratrol is the mysterious chemical in wine that helps the french eat fatty diets and not have cardiovascular disease. And it is mainly in wine. I’m off to bottle wine today with my friend Cedo. 64 bottle for me and 32 for him. All in the name of health.

For those of you who don’t drink alcohol, check out the link above, as it shows how to get the chemical from other sources.

Scotsman.com News - Health - The equaliser

the magic ingredient in the high-calorie fat-rich French diet is resveratrol, a polyphenol which is found in the skin of grapes and thus in wine - particularly in red wine because it is fermented with the skins.
The French consume around 50 litres of wine per head a year, a substantial portion of which is red.
When the scientists gave resveratrol to obese mice who were allowed to gorge themselves on a high-calorie diet made up of at least 60 per cent fats, the mice did not suffer any health complications and maintained healthy hearts and livers.

[more Google News on the topic]