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Robbie Dingo Does Van Gogh in SL

If you want to see how to build in SL this is worth watching. But if you just want to see a beautiful performance of construction, you need to see this. Robbie does wonderful things.

Commercialism of Second Life

I’m talking alot about SL to people who haven’t been there yet… and there’s wonder as to who is using it and why… I knew there was commercialization in a big way, but these are two interesting examples of how far it is going in terms of moving RL experiences into SL: Reebok Brings Scarlett Johansson Line to SL and Calvin Klein Launches Scents in Second Life

E-Learning Resource Collection: Second Life

E-Learning Resource Collection: Second Life… thanks buridan!

Study Examines the Proliferation of Online Courses

Study Examines the Proliferation of Online Courses “A new report suggests that the number of K-12 students enrolled in online courses has risen dramatically in recent years. If the trend continues, researchers suggest that millions of K-12 students may soon be participating in virtual classrooms.”

Time to play in Second Life?

Funded! Chasing Learning Landscapes

My proposal, “Chasing Learning Landscapes: a Pilot Virtual Learning Environment for Early Childhood Educators in Second Life” was accepted for funding by our school. I’m doing this along with Danny Bakan, and we’ll be building resources for (c)cld419. OH, a happy day!

Education MUVE Wish-list - SimTeach

Education MUVE Wish-list - SimTeach “If you could create any features you wanted for a MUVE that could be used for education, what would they be?”

So where do I start. I just started playing Second Life, though I think I said I never would. Or the reverse. Anyway, I’m going against something I said in the past. But I need to know what people are doing, and learn with it, to see what I want. Text-based MOOs call me. So… what would I wish for?

[thanks to the jeremeanie for this ref…]