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Michael Huges & Sharon

This is a great picture of Michael and Sharon in Poenari, Romania. This was not staged. I’ve put about 15 pitures of them both, with others like yuka, peggy and bloofer in the background, up in the Transylvanian Society of Dracula - a photoset on Flickr

how famous are my friends?

how famous are my friends.

Jeremy and I were talking about something. Who knows because we have never really understood what the other person is saying, though Jeremy would say that he understands what he and I are saying, and that I have not much of a grasp on anything. But somehow he mentioned that he was in the top 100,000 bloggers. He wasn’t taking that as a point of pride. I have tried to avoid getting too popular, since I want to talk to: myself (though I do that IRL), my friends, and my students. I have changed my blog address many times over the past 6 years, and have avoided getting caught up in the maelstrom of popularity. But I wondered. So I went to technorati… which is a problem in and of itself since it really only cares about people who care about people caring about them. Unproblematized, but whateva!

These are just for people I know personally, except for Joi, but he’s met my ex-cat many times.

http://joi.ito.com - rank 1590th
http://alex.halavais.net - rank 35k
http://www.insanecats.com - rank 67k
http://www.tmttlt.com - rank 92k
http://emmajane.net - rank 161k
http://www.mazar.ca - rank 244k
https://lemmingworks.org/weblog - 350k (3.8 k average page requests per day)
http://www.clevergirl.ca/journal - rank 509k (1.1 k average page requests per day)
http://www.yukazine.com/journal - rank 660k (5k average page requests per day)
http://roomofbensown.net - rank 1,733k

It is sunday, and before 9am, and I forgot why I wanted to do this… but it was interesting to find out all this information.