Brands affect perceptions of preschoolers

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Mind Hacks: Brands affect perceptions of preschoolers

A recently published study [Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med — Effects of Fast Food Branding on Young Children’s Taste Preferences, August 2007, Robinson et al. 16(8): 792] on brand influence has reported that preschool children perceive carrots to taste better when they come out of a McDonald’s bag, even though the company doesn’t sell carrots.

The study shows that even very young children have internalised advertising and that it significantly affects their perception of the outside world.

This isn’t much of a shocked, but it is nice to have some hard evidence behind it.

Abusive Bento

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★I’d like to explain thoroughly about how the “Gyakutai (Abusive) Bento” came to be, 4 people who actually care. If u don’t, just read it over and over until u care.

Umm…okay, so first of all, u all must be wondering what “Gyakutai (abusive) Bento” is. Well, its a bento (Japanese style boxed lunch) made by me, especially 4 my second son, a high school senior. Of coarse, its not just an ordinary bento. I used my highly artistic talent to create colorful, real-looking pictures (more like mosaics), of famous Japanese anime (cartoon) and t.v. characters, out of food. That’s something, right? Well, like any mother, I expected my son to appreciate and be thankful for my hand-made bento full of love, but guess what? He started calling it “gyakutai,” Japanese for abuse. Obviously, he very much dislikes it. Aw…poor thing~! … Like that’s ever gonna stop me from making them!

The Future of Children - Childhood Obesity

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The Future of Children - Childhood Obesity, Volume 16, Number 1 Spring 2006

Among the questions the volume asks are:

“What are the recent trends in childhood obesity, and how closely have changes in American lifestyles tracked those trends?”
“How have changes in neighborhoods, restaurants, grocery stores, entertainment media, schools, child care providers, and homes led to the increase of obesity in children?”
“What strategies could be employed to modify these environments in a cost-effective way to keep children at a healthy weight?”
“What are the health effects of obesity on children?”
“What obesity-related issues are unique to minorities and disadvantaged populations?”
“How well is the medical community—particularly pediatricians—handling obesity-related health problems?”