Social Science and Design Questions.

May 16, 2006

[Folks in CECE912 read Alex Halavais’ article on blogging that references Liz’s trip to Japan with her son. Have a look at Ross’ post on m2m about their symposium. The m2m crew always have interesting things afoot.] Social Science and Design Questions. Many-to-Many: : Last week Liz organized the Microsoft Research Social Computing Symposium. I […]

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Teddy Bear Remote Control

May 15, 2006

Teddy Bear Remote Control:

The teddy bear remote sits nicely on your sofa or bed and can be used to control your iPod or computer. It’s a cute modification to an RF remote control and is surprisingly soft! The project is difficult to make and requires quite a few odd materials, some soldering skill, and […]

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Jeremy’s on the ball when…

May 14, 2006

Too many topics, too little time. comes across nuggets like this: “We are never taught the idea of the American dream, where everything is possible. Our guide is fear.” Though of course fear is the guide of America… I wonder what the French are up to?

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Trying out Ecto

May 14, 2006

After blogging since the blogging beginning of time, I figured I’d try out some clients again. I do use xjournal for posting to my LJ accounts, but otherwise I use the web interfaces. There was a review of ecto on the Apple Matters blog, so I thought I’d try it again. So far the review […]


Frustrations with Technology

May 13, 2006

Here’s a short 30 minute podcast that I whipped up yesterday on the topic of frustrations with technology, and some of my thoughts on how one might deal with it. It is my usual reflection while walking through Toronto, so I apologise that it might be a bit noisy in the background, and that my […]

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On the Media

May 12, 2006

Jeremy pointed me to a talk on NPR’s On the Media, My Sin, My Soul…Whose Lolita?, that mentions the term “cryptomnesia” which he claims I have. I might, but with ADHD, I can’t remember if I do.

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Open Source » Photography 2.0

May 11, 2006

Interesting article about Photography on the Open Source Blog that might be of interest for my course. I like how digital images are becoming a blogging language of their own, and how it comes down, in the end to what choices people make as to what is important to them to capture. A group of […]

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Jacking MySpace for fame and fortune

May 10, 2006

Jacking MySpace for fame and fortune | CNET is an interesting article to me. The one thing that’s good about myspace is that it allows for you to participate without really having to produce content. The social communication tools are, to me, more directed on the most superficial forms of hype-comm. Think of MySpace […]

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Hakowanie czlowieka: Kultura Popularna

May 9, 2006

I just got word that my first translated work is out… Nolan, Jason & Levesque, Michelle (2005). Hakowanie czlowieka: archeologia danych i nadzor w sieciach spolecznych. [*Hacking* human: data-archaeology and surveillance in social networks]. translated by Alek Tarkowski. “Kultura Popularna”, nr 1 (15)/2006. pp. 43-50. What could be more coolerer.

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Silicon Graphics goes titsup

May 9, 2006

Silicon Graphics goes titsup | The Register: “Silicon Graphics, the incredible shrinking workstation maker, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, according to news wires.” I can’t believe it. SGI and their IrixOS has been a bane of my existence for years. I will miss them, but I spent 5 years more or less abusing our […]

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