White bread increases cancer risk

October 21, 2006

[Of course, I’ve not personally verified this, so this is just ‘information’, but it is interesting. I certainly do not eat white bread as a rule.] White bread increases cancer risk | the Daily Mail Eating lots of white bread raises the risk of a cancer that kills thousands of Britons every year, according to […]

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Midwifery Rhetoric Through the Ages:

October 19, 2006

The RYERSON MIDWIFERY EDUCATION PROGRAM presents the first in the 2006/7 speakers series Guest Speaker: Nicky Leap Midwifery Rhetoric Through the Ages: An Historical Romp to Prompt a Close Look at Contemporary Ideology and Belief Systems Nicky Leap is Professor of Midwifery Practice Development & Research, University of Technology, Sydney. She has been a midwife […]

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Sankai Juku

October 19, 2006

On tuesday yuka and I saw Sankai Juku perform Kagemi in Toronto. Sankai Juku is my favourite dance group, and the video in that link will show you. Yuka knows one of the dancers online, and it was a joy to see someone you have talked to move like that. Ichi is the dancer second […]

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Support a national child care act

October 18, 2006

A private members’ bill that takes child care from patchwork to program needs your support. Take action today by emailing your member of parliament. Bill C303, the Early Learning and Child Care Act, will help build child care through a law like the Canada Health Act. The NDP- sponsored bill directs federal funds to high-quality […]

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Was Major Mayoral Candidate’s Blog Plagiarized?

October 16, 2006

CityNews: Was Major Mayoral Candidate’s Blog Plagiarized? and the TV news talks about Jane Pitfield’s web site (Jane Pitfield for Mayor), and the fact that content on it was plagiarized from Spacing magazine. Since I haven’t found both posts to compare, I can’t be sure, but Jane herself was on CityTV admitting to it… though […]


Mike Parsons’ art on queen street

October 15, 2006

Mike Parsons’ art on queen street Originally uploaded by complicitytheory. Yuka and I have about 10 of mike’s ink drawings including a custom panda he did for her. We had a long chat today and I realized that I could see mike’s work in his glasses. He does wonderful work. Do check out his web […]

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Google For Educators

October 15, 2006

Google For Educators looks like a good start. I wonder why I wasn’t personally told about this. 🙂 I’ve had a google unit in my teaching for a couple of years, and I can’t wait to compare their ideas of how google’s good for teaching with what I’ve been doing. Of course my fav was […]

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Torontoist: Featured Photos, Issue #14

October 14, 2006

My photo below is featured in the Torontoist: Featured Photos Issue #14

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Emily’s Birthday

October 12, 2006

That’s my sister emily on her 13th birthday, flanked by her buddy danni (left) and my other sister Cats (right) at Barbarian’s last night. Everyone was there. More at Family – a photoset on Flickr. Yuka also found pictures of sister Cats for sale on the internet.

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Lunch with Ben Shneiderman

October 12, 2006

Abby invited Ben Shneiderman to lunch today before his talk at Ryerson. Among other things he’s the author of Leonardo’s Laptop. We talked about cultures of praise, creativity and how it relates to online experiences, software design and human/computer interfaces. It was inspiring.

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