The $100 laptop: What went wrong – MSN Money

November 19, 2006

The $100 laptop: What went wrong – MSN Money is an interesting article. Though JuliaD and I have talked for years about the notion of ZeroCostComputing, and we ever had a blog on this topic for a while (follow that link!), we have never been mindless technopositivistic ethusiasts. Access to safe drinking water and basic […]


Zune incompatible with Windows Vista

November 19, 2006

AppleInsider | Zune incompatible with Windows Vista: “Microsoft has been so focused on getting Zune out the door in time for the mad holiday rush that it hasn’t gotten around to supporting the player under its next-generation operating system.” Ok, what am I missing here. A killer app that is not even compatible with M$’s […]

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Edublog Awards 2006 – nominations open | The Edublog Awards

November 19, 2006

AlexH reminded me about the educational blogging awards. Go nominate someone you know who has a high enough profile in the blogging community for the The Edublog Awards!

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WordPress plugin: Vox Crossposter Works!

November 18, 2006

WordPress plugin: Vox Crossposter does work. I swear. Combined with the WordPress Livejournal plugin, I can do my work here on, and have it appear on LJ and Vox. Now, if I had a Vox to WordPress feature, which one would I choose to blog from? Goooood question 🙂


Protect the Net at the Citizen Lab

November 17, 2006

Barry just told me about Protect the Net, and it sounds like some of Catsy’s old work at the lab. Protect the Net —Toronto is the first stop in the Protect the Net worldwide campaign. The Toronto Protect the Net event will be highlighted by presentations by experts and academics on Internet censorship, surveillance and […]

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WordPress plugin: Vox Crossposter

November 17, 2006

I’m about to install the WordPress plugin: Vox Crossposter so that I can blog to VOX from, as I do with LJ. One stop shopping for content 🙂

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The Artist Travellers

November 17, 2006

[Valerie’s a great painter. If you’re in Richmond Hill, check her out!] The Artist Travellers Valerie Kent Christine Lippa Khatcho Yazedjian around Ontario: Newboro, Westport, Bedford Mills, along the Rideau Canal, John Lock Falls, Leonard Lake, Penetanguishene, Gravenhurst, Kettleby, Pres Qu’ile, Kingston, Napanee. New paintings, oils, watercolours, acrylics and mixed media. A wonderful opportunity to […]

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Labeling Cosmetics: Skin Deep

November 16, 2006

I was watching CBC this morning, and they were talking about the new law requiring labeling of cosmetics. They were interviewing someone from Environmental Working Group || Public Interest Watchdog and this person mentioned their report Skin Deep which talks about toxins in everything from toothpaste to shampoo. I don’t use soaps or personal products […]

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The (Google) Literacy Project

November 15, 2006

Google has launched The Literacy Project in conjunction with unesco. Interesting!

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“Beyond Traditional Strategies”

November 12, 2006

I’m giving a presentation on Podcasting as part of the “Beyond Traditional Strategies” session. Drop by to say hi. RYERSON UNIVERSITY – Learning & Teaching Office Wednesday November 22, 2006, 12-2:00pm – Restiani Anderiati & Beth Swart Title: “Beyond Traditional Strategies” In this session, you will hear from different faculty members on how they use […]

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