Abolish tuition fees, Liberal Senator says

February 26, 2008

Abolish tuition fees, Liberal Senator says. Some people think that this would be expensive, or that students will learn more if they struggle. LOL. What silliness. Students have no time or energy to study or learn when they’re slogging on a job. Some students think they have the right to the degree because they’ve paid for it. The ontario government is already paying something like $10k per student at university already. Removing tuition would save millions in admin fees, lost hours spent working instead of studying (which devalues the education), most flexible use of university resources (classes could be held year round and on weekends and evenings if students did not need to work), and without the financial stress students would learn more (stress leads to many problems).

Personally, I think that the quality of education, and the quality of students leaving school would improve a lot. And I’m all for it, regardless of who pays for it… either through taxes or through the scheme that Bob Rae came up with a year or two ago where people got free education, and then there was like a reverse pension where you paid back into the fund as a percentage of your income over however long you worked. No debt, just the opportunity to fund the future.

One Response to “Abolish tuition fees, Liberal Senator says”

  1. As you know, I am a HUGE supporter of tuition-free post-secondary for everyone. If they can do it in Europe, they can do it in Canada! Who is this Liberal Senator?!