The symposium of the Transylvanian Society of Dracula

March 28, 2006

The symposium of the Transylvanian Society of Dracula, May 26-28, 2006, in Sinaia, Romania: synopsis of a paper


The Hoia-Baciu wood (HBW) , close to the city of Cluj-Napoca in Transylvania, Romania, is the site of some unconventional phenomena which have been recorded and researched for nearly 50 years. People of various ages and educational levels seem to create a modern variety of folklore on the basis of these unconventional occurances. The HBW has a tendency to become the Romanian version of the Bermuda triangle.

The fame of the HBW has long reached beyond the borders of Romania. The international news agencies started with the exceptionally-good photos and film of a disc-shaped UFO which flew over this wood on August 18, 1968, and continued, ever since, with many reports of the local phenomena. The evidences were studied by research institutes in Europe and the U.S.

The pioneer of the HBW research was the late biologist Alexandru Sift (1936 – 1993) who, walking in the wood at the beginning of the 1950s, noticed, repeatedly, hazy shapes which could have passed, for untrained eyes, for natural events. Sift photographed the shapes and noticed that the film disclosed many more such shapes than apparent to the naked eye. The research continued – with ever more visual and especially photographic recordings.

Sift’s initial investigations were continued, beginning with 1970s, by several research teams and by independent researchers from Romania. The results were similar, rounding off Sift’s findings. Most researchers were trusted scientists. Lately, research teams from France, Germany, Hungary visited the HBW and obtained remarkable results.

Briefly, here are the occurances:
structures/shapes flying low over the ground, some visible, most invisible to the naked eye spots of light at night, coloured or white, flying or stationary
accompanying physical effects (radioactivity, magnetic anomalies, electromagnetic fluctuations, microwave and infrasound emissions etc)
unusual prints on the ground (on the grass or in the snow) – not unlike the circles and other geometric figures in crops.
Associated biologic effects, especially on the plants (dehydration, burns, necrosis, etc), also on animals and even humans who reach the active zones (reddening of skin, burns, anxiety, head aches, thirst, sickness etc).

The most characteristic manifestations are airborn, flying geometric shapes (pyramids, spheres, cylinders, cones, cubes etc) – either visible or, more often, invisible to the naked eye. These shapes have been photographed and filmed thousands of times; seen – in the hundreds. The most spectacular are probably of the UFO, pre-UFO or quasi-UFO types. The invisible UFOs, much more numerous than the visible ones, are unique in the world.

Also interesting are the so-called humanoid heads, usually invisible to the naked eye, along fully-bodied, visible and apparently animated (live) humanoids. Quite often, these structures resemble the face of a live or deceased person – known to the beholder.

Worth mentioning are also the transitory bursts of beta and/or gamma rays, sometimes of high intensity – along magnetic distortions, mainly associated with the white structures. The electromagnetic fields which empty the camera-batteries, or just arrest their power, are quite common.

The “special active spot 3”, identified in 1993, is reputed for distorted photographic images, partially or totally, fragmented or even split – which could only be obtained, otherwise, by multiple exposures.

The research, so far, allows for a few more conclusions:
– the HBW phenomena are, most often than not, discreet, rather than obvious
– the wood speaks more to the researcher than to seekers of spirits or extraterrestrial life
– the phenomena are far more numerous than the skeptics would say, but far less frequent for the seekers of sensational occurances
– there seems to be a connection between certain more-mediumatic persons and these occurances, but that is not a condition
– the frequency of these phenomena is fluctuating – no regular pattern could be noticed.

The phenomena in the Hoia-Baciu wood are not singular. There are similar manifestations in the Mojave desert, in the Gulf Breeze (the U.S), in La Spezia – Arenzano (Italy), the Hessdalen valley (Norway), Belo Horizonte (Brazil). It seems we have encountered a planetary oddity of a complexity we are not ready to decipher. By its relatively systematic occurances, the Hoia-Baciu wood is the most important area of unconventional phenomena, in the world.

Prof.dr. Adrian Patrut
Lecturer, University of Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, Romania
Chairman, the Romanian Society of Parapsychology

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