iPhone – Canadian Trade-marks Database

March 29, 2008


CIPO – Canadian Trade-marks Database has the filing history for some sort of trademark ruling for the iPhone which shows things going forward:

Filed 21 December 2007
Created 21 December 2007
Formalized 28 December 2007
Translation Requested 01 January 2008 01 March 2008
Translation Received 10 January 2008
Translation Received 17 January 2008
Search Recorded 26 February 2008
Examiner’s First Report 26 February 2008 26 June 2008

It is comwave who is blocking the iPhone according to MacNN, and I’m sure that all the mac fans who have been waiting for the iPhone to appear in canada must hate them. I know I would be, and I’d probably think they were just hijacking the name for profit, seeing that they filed for the trademark AFTER apple, according to MacNN. That article also says they claimed to have used the name only 3 months before Apple applied. Such is life.

I only just touched an iPhone yesterday, and found them interesting, but I’m not ready to buy one.

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