yesterday in NYC

March 29, 2008

Had lunch with Alex H, and talked about some projects, and his latest book which is just finishing up.
Alejandra at work
Met Aleja at the new Mac store at 14th and 9th. We got an appointment for a Mac expert for today.
Alejandra at work
Andrew and Aleja were making fun of me.
Alejandra at work
We went to Pastis again, at the end of the day. Getting in just at 5 to miss the crowds.
I like pastis! The drink that is.
Chateau Aleja
Went back to aleja’s place to fix her old computer so that she can pass it on to someone else. It has a bum hard drive, but I’ve got some spares.
Manhattan from NJ
I caught a cab from tribeca up to 42nd to catch laura after her show, but missed her by 10 minutes, and she was already on the bus to NJ. I caught the next bus, and when I got off at the stop at the end of their street, I took this picture.

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