Alex Halavais » Learning Inquiry

March 29, 2006

Alex Halavais » Learning Inquiry: “Some time last year, a group at UB got together to write a proposal for a new funding track from NSF focussed on creating a center for learning. The CFP was unusual for NSF: it was highly interdisciplinary and considered learning in the broadest sense. So I pulled together some references and some approaches we might take. This was chopped down to “adult learning and public institutions,” which was very safe, and also not particularly interesting to the NSF. I wasn’t on the grant. I guess they thought I was too “out there.” I suspect—meglomaniac that I am—that I was just “out there” enough.

Nolan and Hunsinger are heading up a new journal, Learning Inquiry that—at least if the call for papers is any indication—is open to some of the more liberal definitions of where and how learning happens: “The journal is a forum centered on learning that remains open to varied objects of inquiry, including machine, human, plant and animal learning as well as the processes of learning in business, government, and the professions, both in formal and informal environments.”

I definitely plan to send a manuscript in to the journal here at some point. I suspect a good chunk of my readers might also find the journal to be of interest as a place to read and a place to write.”

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  1. *sigh*

    You remind me that my committee insisted I remove the word “animals” from my dissertation’s definition of “learning”.


    Yet every spring/summer, the birdies which nest in my backyard prove me right.