arts, culture, and civil society

April 24, 2008

CDDC Launches arts, culture, and civil society
The Center for Digital Discourse and Culture (CDDC) at Virginia Tech
is pleased to announce the launch of Arts, Culture, and Civil Society
(ACCS). This online archive of syllabi, e-prints, web links, and other
digital resources is intended to serve as a starting point for
students and scholars who are exploring the arts, culture, and civil
society in their courses and/or research. These major topic areas are
related to many important theoretical concerns for contemporary social
criticism, political theory, and cultural policy-making. The collected
materials span a wide range of disciplines, analytical frameworks, and
locations. Topics range from the nature of current-day urban
formations, nation-states, and local communities to the analysis of
power, modernity, and discourse as related to the arts. One key aim of
the ACCS project is to represent a wide range of approaches and
resources related to the study of politics, culture, and the arts in
our contemporary global society.

Please direct all questions or comments about ACCS to [email protected] We
also welcome your contributions and suggestions as we continue to
expand the archive.

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