“immediate and unimportant”

April 24, 2008

want to hear my matrix? it is something someone told me when I was having trouble organizing my tasks and life. I’m sure it is from somewhere, but I don’t know where.

try not thinking so much and try not doing 3 things at once

think of 4 squares, where you put all your tasks, thoughts and ideas.
in the top left the square is marked “immediate and important”
anything there gets done right away.
that includes breathing, food, pee breaks, paying the rent, getting stuff out the door that will bring in money, medical appointments, school, etc.

next to it on the right is “unimmediate and important”
you know what that is, getting taxes done, doing homework for school, tasks that must be done…

at the bottom right is “unimmediate and unimportant”
that’s for what you dump and forget about…

and lower left is the tough one: “immediate and unimportant”
all the stuff that diverts your attention
surfing the net
playing online games
dealing with people around you
curiosities that really seem fun at the time, but later you wonder why you wasted time on

the key is knowing what goes in the lower left square

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