TTC idiots just lost their moral high ground

April 26, 2008

TTC STrike!
Some idiot just decided to shut down the TTC on a Friday night. Sure it may be their legal right. Sure they said they’d give notice. But no, they had to leave people high and dry on a friday night. Imagine someone with physical challenges who depends on the TTC. Someone on fixed income who can’t afford a cab. A teen who is out at a part time job. We’re talking 30km if someone’s trying to get from the beaches to say York U. That was my commute when I was in my 20s.

I guess they want to be declared an essential service. Fine. I know that that’s not all well and good for either side. But if we’re going to ask people to use public transit, we have to guarantee it will be there. How could I give up a car if I can’t trust the alternative. [I’ve not had a car since 1992 and never plan to have one. My feet are the main form of transit.]

I’m much more angry than I thought I’d be. This is mean spirited and really sucks for people who have problems getting around. If TTC workers just want to flip the public the bird, what are they are asking for in return? I wonder.

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