I guess I now live in a cool part of town.

April 28, 2008

The birth of a new hot spot: The College and Bathurst area has gotten little love – until now

In the three years I’ve lived in the area around Bathurst and College Sts., it’s been a neighbourhood in flux. The strip of shops, restaurants and bars on College west of Bathurst are a null space – not quite Kensington Market, not quite Little Italy, overshadowed by both.

Lacking any concrete neighbourhood identity, storefronts have changed time and again. With the exception of Sneaky Dee’s and a few other mainstays, stores on the strip have appeared destined to turn over within six months. Recently, there’s been a marked change in the beleaguered stretch.

Once-failing pubs, greasy spoons and too-cheap-to-survive Chinese buffets have transformed into successful businesses, drawing vibrancy to Bathurst and College at last.

Leading the change is Manic Coffee, which has gained a loyal core of aficionados in less than a year. It opened in September and now past the six-month threshold, it’s still going strong.

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