Saudi maid verdict ‘outrageous’

May 26, 2008

Saudi maid verdict ‘outrageous’:

Human Rights Watch has called on Saudi judges to overturn a decision to drop charges against a Saudi couple accused of severely abusing an Indonesian maid.
A judge in Riyadh awarded $670 damages to the maid, Nour Miyati, but dropped all charges against her employers.
The female employer, who admitted the abuse and was originally sentenced to 35 lashes, had her sentence overturned.
Human Rights Watch said the ruling on Monday was “outrageous”, and sent “a dangerous message” to Saudi employers.
Ms Miyati, 25, contracted gangrene after allegedly being tied up for a month and left without food in 2005. She had to have several fingers and toes amputated.

Anywhere, any time… if the state is not willing to be responsible, the international community must step in. Anyone wonder why I support world government?

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