Cliff Stoll on Everything

July 31, 2008

I’m sure you’re all aware of Cliff’s catching of KGB hackers in the 80s. He’s wonderful to watch, and listen to… he believes computers don’t belong in schools… YAY. And what does he want?

Sabrina, my RA this fall, sent me the video. Her favourite quote is

If you really wanna know about the future, don’t ask a technologist, a scientist, a physicist, someone who writes code.. If you want to know what society will be like in 20 years.. ask a kindergarden teacher! They know what a society will be like in the next generation.

Check out his wikipedia page to see what Cliff’s been up to. Oh, and Cliff teaches science to kids sometimes.

I like the end of the video… it chokes me up… “It is the voice of life that calls us to come and learn…” But it is the context in which he says it.

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