Cuil…. ZOMG!

July 31, 2008

I finally went to play with Cuil, the killer search engine set to destroy Google. I was really impressed. Impressed with all the hype out of something that it this stage really suxxors. I guess the need for accurate results is totally unnecessary when it comes to search engines. Actually, it is not totally useless, but it would appear as if it’s page ranking system just doesn’t exist. Try googling [sic] hungsinger on Cuil. Does jeremy come first? Even though he’s one of the major bloggers. No. He’s on page two, and only his profile on educause. Type in levesque, and at least catsy’s dad comes first. 🙂

I’d like to know what in areas where I do know something that what should be at the top IS at the top… that builds at least the illusion of trust that stuff at the top in areas I don’t know might be equally valid. 🙂

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