Publications: KMDiary

April 27, 2006

The current issue of KMDI’s KMDiary mentions Jeremy and my new journal Learning Inquiry, for which I’m thankful for the publicity. Unfortunately I’m listed as being at OISE/UT, rather then Ryerson. I guess you gotta take what you can get.

And the diary notes that blogs are dead. Flickr is the new thing. Just so you know. O_o

2 Responses to “Publications: KMDiary”

  1. I thought the new thing was myspace? Maybe the definitiion of the “new thing” depends on how old you are.

    Congrats on the new journal, btw…

  2. >And the diary notes that blogs are dead.
    >Flickr is the new thing.

    thats just because people want to -see- what everyones been -talking- about

    anyway, everything lives on, now