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Slashdot | Royal Society and Creationism In Science Classes

September 14th, 2008

Slashdot | Royal Society and Creationism In Science Classes

The Reverend Professor Michael Reiss, a biologist and Anglican priest, is the education director for the Royal Society, the venerable British science institution. He recently called for creationism to be discussed in science classes, not just in religion or philosophy classes. Science journals reacted with a world of ‘WTF’ and the Royal Society backpedaled furiously. Now Nobel laureates are gathering to get him fired: ‘The thing the Royal Society does not appreciate is the true nature of the forces arrayed against it and the Enlightenment for which the Royal Society should be the last champion.’ The blogs, of course, are loving it.

See also: Michael Reiss‘ page; Michael Reiss: Students must be allowed to raise doubts about evolution; New Scientist Short Sharp Science Blog: Keep creationism out of the science class; Creationism call divides Royal Society.

I’ve always had issues regarding the assumption that just because someone was a ‘scientist’ that they were somehow beyond befuddled silliness. Same goes for people with religious faith… they’re not all fools. So, why should we be upset that this individual’s a few bricks short?


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