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Food blog: what did you make of Jamie’s Ministry of Food?

October 2nd, 2008

Food blog talks about Jamie’s new thing… it is quite amazing. I hope i get to see it. Thanks to buridan for telling me.

There was a moment in the first episode of the new Jamie Oliver TV series last night when the Essex-lad-made-millionaire had an outburst worthy of a revolutionary. Emerging from a mealtime visit to Natasha, a single mother on benefits in Rotherham, he raged in his own inimitable language of protest: “Fucking hell … it’s fucking Great Britain. It’s 2008. I’ve been to Soweto and I’ve seen Aids orphans eating better than that.”…. Miss this Ministry of Food series and you’ll be missing some of the most powerful political documentary in years. In it, whether by intention or accident, the naked chef has entered the domestic life of a British town and captured a snapshot of the country’s social health. The result is an indictment of the current political system as disturbing as any ideological tract. Food, and real people’s experience of it, is still all about class.

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