Woman buried in snow for 3 days found alive – CNN.com

December 25, 2008

Woman buried in snow for 3 days found alive – CNN.com… only in Ontario

No one expected to find Donna Molnar alive.
Donna Molnar’s body temperature was 30 degrees Celsius when rescuers found her Monday.
Searchers had combed the brutal backcountry of rural Ontario for the housewife from the city of Hamilton, who had left her home three days earlier in the middle of a blizzard to grocery shop.
Alongside his search-and-rescue dog Ace, Ray Lau on Monday tramped through the thick, ice-covered brush of a farmer’s field, not far from where Molnar’s van had been found a day earlier.
He kept thinking: Negative-20 winds? This is a search for a body.
“Then, oh, all of a sudden, Ace bolted off,” said Lau. “He stooped and looked down at the snow and just barked, barked, barked.”
“She was lucid, and said, ‘Wow. I’ve been here a long time!’ and then she apologized and said, ‘I just wanted to take a walk, I’m sorry to have caused you any trouble,’ “

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