Conservatives Appointed as Senators in Canada –

December 26, 2008
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I like that the NYT has this post, especially in comparison to some of the Canadian newpaper posts I saw online that just cut and paste the from Harper’s web page: Conservatives Appointed as Senators in Canada –

Prime Minister Stephen Harper appointed 18 Conservatives to Canada’s unelected Senate on Monday, a move that broke his longstanding promise not to name additional members to the upper chamber of Parliament until it is transformed into an elected body.

Opposition parties had in recent weeks challenged the appropriateness of Mr. Harper’s making appointments to the Senate after he suspended Parliament to avoid a near-certain defeat in a no-confidence vote.

Though that vote will take place after a new session begins in late January, opposition members contend that Mr. Harper no longer has the confidence of Parliament. His Conservative Party does not hold a majority of seats in the House of Commons.

The announcement of the Senate appointments was unusually low-key and came after many Canadians had already begun taking time off for Christmas and New Year’s Day. Mr. Harper said in a statement that he had made them to ensure that the Senate seats are not filled by the opposition parties should they defeat his government and take power in the new year.

I guess Harper’s setting the tone for the Conservative government for the new year… I think that if Harper was someone’s friend, s/he might say that he’s acting sneaky, duplicitous, self-serving, manipulative, malicious, and a number of other things. As it stands, he’s our PRIME-minister… and as such he sets the tone for the country. I wonder what words we should use to describe him.

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