Seven things you didn’t know about me.

January 27, 2009

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I was tagged by Catspaw.

1) I ran into a manatee in my kayak. When I was visiting my dad at his place on palm island in florida, I was out in the swamp and was following a manatee. It popped up next to me so quickly that I bumped into it before I could move out of the way. I was scared that I’d hurt it, but that as impossible. Also, I ran into a house in my kayak. Same island. Different trip. Blake and I were using sea kayaks in a storm. We were kayaking in the surf. The waves were so high that I got caught going up a wave and as I looked back, there was a 3+ story house behind me that was in the water for the first 5 feet of it. The wave slammed me right into one of the supporting stuctures, and stopped dead. I got out, dragged the kayak out from under the house and got back in, and continued down the coast.

2) Everyone knows that orange is my colour, but I always disliked orange, particularly my step-father’s orange volvo. When money was tightest, I bought my tshirts at a discount store, chokeys, and I could buy orange tshirts for $5.70, no tax. The colour stuck and is now my signature colour. I don’t know if I like it, but it works.

3) I find rock climbing easier than walking. Flat surfaces are a problem, but when I found rock climbing, it was a natural. Climbing along a roughly contoured ceiling just feels right.

4) I want to visit Yemen and countries where the borders are dotted lines rather than solids.

5) I know the complete lyrics of Frank Zappa’s I am the slime, and will sing it on command.

6) I was hit by lightening after being run over by a tornado. There are photos to prove it. That was with Ken Emig, in algonquin park.

7) I have a hole in my brain in the shape of a peanut.

I tag Aleja, JuliaD, Jennifer, Ken, Roger, Elizabeth, and Dru.

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