LaserWriter Select 360: in memoriam

June 10, 2006

My dear LaserWriter Select 360 laserprinter just died. We’ve had it for over a decade, and it has done wonderful work for us. It was the first printer we could afford that could do camera ready Japanese, and cost us over $1800, but it was worth it. When Apple discontinued AppleTalk, we got an AppleTalk to Ethernet converter and had it running for the last 5 years as a wireless printer. But today, after loading some A4 paper… I blame the paper, it stopped feeding into the laser drum, and after I popped the lid I could see why. The cable that pulls the cover of the laser drum up and come apart, and the little bit inside that it had been attached to was broken. I can’t imagine trying to fix it after all this time, especially since the color laser printers are getting cheap, and rather good. So it is time to say goodbye. Sniff.


2 Responses to “LaserWriter Select 360: in memoriam”

  1. you will need some time to mourn, i understand.

  2. Hello,
    I’ll take it! That is if you still got it even if it’s in pieces!