Microsoft: “I’m just not cool enough to be a Mac person.”

March 29, 2009

How Microsoft put Apple owners on the defensive – Apple 2.0 is very interesting. It agrees with the microsoft ads that Macs suck because they don’t suck. That is… a quality machine is bad, and a POS (piece of silliness) is good… because it is cheap. It also suggests that there is something wise about buying cheap garbage over reasonably priced garbage. Read the whole thing. It suggests that because people are pointing out inaccuracies in the commercial, it was a good commercial. So, we have an actress, pretending to be a non-actress, who doesn’t actually go into an apple store, only pretending to, buying a computer running Vista (a moribund operating system) with out of date hardware and a 3rd rate CPU. And this is better than a real person buying a good operating system on good hardware.

To be honest, I will buy any computer that’s better than an Apple. In a minute. I’ve just never found one. As I say with apple products… “They just suck the least.” And whenever someone says that their puter is better, I run to it, only find out that they’ve forgotten to mention, or more likely aren’t power users enough to notice, that it has a multitude of impairments and impediments that they either live with or are oblivious to. Like saying your car is better, and cheaper… but it doesn’t go on the highway or work when it is wet. Some people take pride in strange things. They prefer to make due with less. I am impressed with someone who still uses DOS3.2.1 on a 386. That’s cool. Woodburning stoves are cool. Commuting by bicycle is cool. Home-made wine is cool. Buying dead tech and pretending it isn’t is just silliness.

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Lauren and her Laptop
Rochelle writes: “I generally think that mac is good as a niche; they aren’t going to produce crap computers for the cheap audience, because they don’t cater to the cheap audience.” Great line!

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