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Conficker Worm: Not Finished Yet – PC World

April 2nd, 2009

Conficker Worm: Not Finished Yet – PC World

…only 6 percent of Conficker infections are in North America. The biggest problem areas are actually concentrated in Asia and South America including Vietnam, Brazil, the Philippines, and Indonesia, as well as Algeria.

The hardest hit areas may also have a correlation to the number of unpatched Windows computers since Asia, Eastern Europe, and South America are areas known to have widespread use of pirated Windows software. Since Microsoft automatically blocks illegitimate copies of Windows from receiving critical updates those computers remain vulnerable to Conficker, thus perpetuating the risk.

If you think about it… who has the most to gain from Conficker? People who sell and maintain software. Since people with pirated versions of software who are outside of the legally installed base are most at risk, followed by people who got the software legally but cannot or will not keep it up to date, conficker is very much part of a digital divide (though very different than how the term is usually used) that separates authorized from marginalized users. I don’t know if it represents an attack on the marginalized as much as it represents the same sort of pervasive fear culture to keep legit users scared and in-line.

No, I’m not for a moment suggesting that any corporation is behind this. I’m talking about who benefits from the spin. It is very interesting that all the posts don’t say “And Mac users are not vulnerable.” which speaks to some collusion on the part of some parties that wish to support the hegemony. I do think that Microsoft could make a less vulnerable operating system if they thought it worthwhile. They’re not stupid. So, the only conclusion one is left to draw is that they don’t want to create a less vulnerable OS, and that they like all this for some reason.

Of course, I’m re-reading Neuromancer again… to see where all this comes from.

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