Slashdot | Bell Proposing Usage Based Billing

April 16, 2009

Slashdot | Bell Proposing Usage Based Billing points to Bell proposal puts ‘unlimited internet’ plans in jeopardy, critics say on the CBC web site. There’s so much going on now to limit access to what goes on on the internet on a variety of fronts from Amazon’s recent gaff, to attacks on Net Neutrality, censorship. There have been some positive stems on DRM and iTunes, but I personally get a sense that there are institutions actively wanting to enclose and restrict access to information.

ISPs like Rogers and Bell capped usage, and Bell is trying to force caps on downloads for others. Perhaps it will be good for Rogers, which also doesn’t make me happy. But if we want people to use the net, and then get them all using and paying for it, we’ve got them right where we want them… they must pay, and we can squeeze. Nice economic model.

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