Reggio Emilia Science Education

April 30, 2009

Was talking with one of my mentors, Gary Babiuk, about a presentation I’m doing next week on Reggio Emilia inspired science for a conference in Winnipeg. I told him that I was going to find the most tech reticent person in the room and give them my video camera to document everything. Without instructions, of course, just as a child might happen over a misplaced camera and play with it, or flush it down the toilet.

I’m always curious about how teachers get locked into the teacherly form of cognition predicated on preparation and outcomes to the exclusion of ad hoc experimentation… that’s what the presentation will be about… that is I won’t present anything at all, but will make some resources available with some simple instructions, probably “make it move in interesting and creative ways” and then abdicate responsibility for the outcomes.

Well, they are flying me in, so after doing that for an hour, I’ll explain what I did with my students, what they in turn did with children, and then show them some videos before turning everyone back to the materials, and say, “ok, do it again, but now make it really interesting!” And hope that hilarity ensues.

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