Republican Derides Gov. Spending to Feed Hungry Children

June 23, 2009
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Gawd Bless the American Right

Republican Missouri Rep, Derides Gov. Spending to Feed Hungry Children: They can Get Free Food at Church or Get a Job!

Cynthia Davis, a conservative Christian Republican State Rep. from Missouri, is against government spending to feed hungry children during the summer, claiming if they were allowed to go hungry, children old enough would be more likely to get a job so they can eat. “Hunger can be a positive motivator,” declared Davis, in her weekly Capitol Report column that is a case study in conservative callousness towards the poor.
In a bizarre display of tone-deafness, which is extreme even by the standards of the most hard-hearted of conservatives who are against government “hand outs’ of any kind, Rep. Davis railed against an innocuous press release announcing Missouri’s Summer Food Service Program, which plans to feed thousands of low-income children during the summer months.
Taking issue with the premise that the recession makes summer food programs more important than ever, Davis believes “[t]he reverse may be true,” because families can economize by doing without twinkies and chips and thereby save money to buy beans to feed their children. She accuses government officials of using the economic “crisis” (she added the quote marks) as an excuse for more government spending of her tax dollars.
How dare the government spend her hard earned tax dollars to feed poor children? Outraged that the summer program cost $9.8 million, “[t]hat money is coming from us,” said Davis. She proposes that hungry children instead, should be forced to rely on the charity of friends and neighbors and go to church for a free meal, like “…they did when Louisiana had a hurricane,” helpfully added Davis.

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