Ontario fires back against woman in ad – The Globe and Mail

July 30, 2009
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Ontario fires back against woman in ad – The Globe and Mail

The Ontario government has filed a defence against a claim made by a Hamilton woman whos at the centre of the U.S. debate over health care. Shona Holmes is featured in a TV campaign in which she claims she had to mortgage her home and travel to a U.S. clinic for brain surgery in 2005, due to a six-month wait for care in Canada. The ad, which began airing about two weeks ago in all 50 states, warns Americans to reject Canadian-style health care because it failed her. In the ad, Ms. Holmes states that if she relied on her government, shed be dead.

I hope we get more information about this. I merely saw @blurky posting about it on Twitter. Other comments I’ve seen was that she did not have a malignant brain tumor, and she was at no risk. I had a nice ‘perhaps sort of tumor’ for 5 years. We watched and waited, and decided that it really wasn’t a tumor at all. Surgeon (and I saw a few) said that in the US they’d just cut it out to be safe, for the $$ too, but since it was Canada, we only cut when necessary (my words). More likely that I just have a differently shaped brain. Lots of people do. I have been told by doctors that some people freak out over something like this and demand surgery (which just gets in the way for people who NEED surgery). Sounds like this situation could be exactly that. I’m not saying, just suppozin. I do agree that people shouldn’t get whatever surgery they feel like when they feel like it, and get in the way of people who need it. I have been bumped from my MRI at the last minute for people in car accidents and once for a little old lady who had had a fall. The staff apologized and said that someone who needed it more was going ahead of me. Bloody right! That’s as it should be.

I hope the democrats create a rebuttal…

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