Save History and Philosophy at OISE/UT

October 25, 2009

Save History and Philosophy at OISE/UT – Petition Spot

The History and Philosophy of Education program at OISE may be closed on the basis of erroneous reasons bearing NO apparent relation to the positive External Reviews of this Doctoral program nor any relation to the report provided to OCGS by History and Philosophy in May 2009, at their demand, in which History and Philosophy detailed the actual vibrancy of graduate program at OISE (7 faculty, 17 Associate Instructors, and 85 graduae students).

The University of Toronto School of Graduate Studies is currently deciding whether to abide by this recommendation.


1. There is a fundamental problem with the decision’s basis to close the graduate program based on “imminent returements”—on the basis of the AGE of 2 of its 7 tenured faculty – who have NO plans to retire.

2. To indicate your objection to the unjustified threatened closure of the doctoral program in History and Philosophy of Education at OISE, UT.

Given the value of humanities, quality of this renowned program, 85 current graduate students, and committed faculty, keep this program alive and grant it the new faculty position that will evidence institutional support presently denied.

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