Canadas “TV tax”/”Save local TV” squabble explained – Boing Boing

November 15, 2009

Boing Boing’s post Canadas “TV tax”/”Save local TV” squabble explainedand link to this video are a great reminder of the nearly pathological silliness with which people pay for content. I get cable with my building fees, but have never and would never pay for TV if I had a choice. If it has ads, it must be free. That’s my way. Perhaps I’ll change my mind under some circumstances I don’t know… but I don’t know them. I’m totally happy to get rid of all canadian cable companies. They don’t give me anything that’s canadian. As for the TV stations… wtf. We all have a canadian show we like. Or at most 2. If we opened up, I mean really opened up, the airwaves I bet we’d get more, not less, canadian content, and instead of the government subsidizing broadcasters, they’d subsidize content production that could then be given away… or, how about this, have a non-profit channel that just showed canadian content… commercial free… 24/7. And since it is digital, there could be an infinite number of commercial free, 24/7 canadian channels… subsidized with the same money that is wasted giving to the media giants. Oh, I do like the sound of that.

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