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about every summer kids everywhere sit around, eat, and play video games while cultivating crippling diabetes. But some kids still manage actually get up and occasionally go outside to play age-old childhood games that have been passed down from generation to generation. Most of these popular games are extremely dangerous and, in some cases, illegal. Wherever you grew up, you undoubtedly played one of these games. What follows is a completely subjective top-10.

Kids just must have been out of ideas when they came up with this game. You literally just run as hard as you can into the opposing team and hope that you are able to break through their in-locked grasp. The game is essentially a self-inflicted clothesline. An early lesson in exploiting the weak, children learned quickly that the best strategy was to determine the most tenuous link, preferably two frail, timid girls, and send your fattest team member careening at them as if there was pie on the other side.

Of course this game was best won by the tiny craft squiggly kids like me who could take down the big kids without getting squashed. Big kids weren’t as big as they are now though.

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