The Mighty Q: Prince of Softness

September 22, 2006

This is a 2 minute video of the Mighty Q: Prince of Softness. He’s the Blooferlady’s cat. And we were over for a visit, and we put stuff on him. And this is our video. And for people who have computers made by silly people, here’s an XP readable version.

One Response to “The Mighty Q: Prince of Softness”

  1. OK. I need Internet Addiction therapy. Why? I watched a repetitive 2-3 minute video on, well, on nothing just now. Yes! Your video. Honestly, there must have been something else I could have been doing with that time, but Noooooo! I am an addict. You say, “watch” and I watch.

    Cute. Yes. Silly. TOTALLY.

    Heh… I need to graduate.