‘record free’ communications

September 27, 2006

I saw this in /. this morning and it reminds me of ZeroKnowledge (Slashdot | ZeroKnowledge to Discontinue Anonymity Service
) who had a great anonymous service that died under 9/11 attack on privacy of communications: DEMO: VaporStream to raise eyebrows

Void Communications had better be ready for a call from Department of Homeland Security. Why? Because in a world where a bottle of shampoo is considered a risk to commercial aviation it’s likely that federal security officials will see red flags in a service designed to provide any two people — say, Osama bin Laden and his right-hand man in the U.S. — with an electronic communications channel that leaves not a trace of its contents or the identities of the participants.
Key to Void’s Web-based VaporStream service is the fact that at no time does the body of the message and the header information appear together, thus leaving no record of the interaction on any computer or server. The message cannot be forwarded, edited, printed or saved, and, once it’s been read, it disappears; nothing is cached anywhere. No attachments allowed.

Remember, you have no right to have a private conversation in many parts of the world. And perhaps here too.

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