According to Random Access Mazar » Four Things I’ve been slimed, er tagged. This means I have to fill in the following:

The idea here is to list four things from each of these categories, presumably to share more about yourself. Or something like that.

Jobs: Jr. Tape Librarian (79-81), Leather Worker (82-84), Student (hey, it’s a lot of work! 1982-2001), Associate Educational Coordinator in the Division of the Environment/UT (97-02)
Movies: Grosse Point Blank, Mystery Men, Stranger then Paradise, The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T
Four Places I’ve lived (a year or more): Toronto, Markham, Tokyo, North York
Four TV shows: Simpsons, Joey (live action simpsons), Monty Python, Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom
Four places I’ve vacationed: Romania, France, Scotland, Iceland
Four of my favourite dishes: paella, cheeses and port, home made ‘za, inu-shishi katsu (wild boar cutlets)
Sites I visit daily:,,,
Places I would rather be: provence, in the bath, kensington market, missing
Books: Jeff Noon - Vurt, Iain Banks - Excession, JG Ballard - Drowned World, CM Kornbluth - Marching Morons and Other Stories
Songs: The Only Ones - Another Girl Another Planet, Concrete Blonde - Wendy, Ultravox - The Wild, The Beautiful and the Damned, Stranglers - Hanging Around
Cars: no cars
Four bloggers I am now hereby tagging: Cosmo, Sarah, Roger, Karim

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