November 30, 2006

I was just wondering about how RMP would reflect the end of the term, as students find out that they’ve missed too many classes, or haven’t done assignments, or are just plain frustrated with the experience, so I figured that I’d have a look to see at: Jason Nolan – Ryerson University – RateMyProfessors.com. The interesting thing about RMP being a public, though anonymous, forum is that I can comment on it without breaking any privacy rules. I am beginning to see RMP as a positive thing for students who are frustrated with the university experience. I can see the need to shout out/back when they feel that they haven’t been properly… (not sure what the right word is) accommodated. Of course it is also nice to get positive and friendly comments as well, but the best of those come face to face. I wish I could write about my thoughts regarding the fall student experience, as it has been in generally profoundly wonderful in terms of what I’ve seen students accomplish. But I don’t really think it is appropriate to go into more depth than that. Anyway, have a look at how I’ve been rated (Nov 26/27 actually), and enjoy the day.

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