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The Edge @ Ryerson

January 4th, 2006

I’ve tried to tell some of my students at Ryerson about their history, especially the Edge, the old ryerson pub where so many great bands played. I saw some like Wayne/Jane County, Pere Ubu, and the B-Girls. This article has more information on the early club scene and the Gary’s.

The Garys
shifted their focus to the Edge, a crumbling folky dive at the corner of Church and Gerrard. The building was named after Edgerton Ryerson, the founder of Ryerson University, and was actually the original schoolhouse of the institution. A small capacity wonder with a legacy of its own, the Edge had%u2026 a lot of character, so much so that ex-Velvet Underground chanteuse Nico proclaimed the building haunted during her Garys-booked gig in late winter 1979. Apparitions or otherwise, the Garys managed to pack the Edge with exciting new acts like Gang of Four, the B-52%u2019s and XTC, plus veteran eccentrics such as Jonathan Richman and Fred Frith.


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