Slashdot | Global Collaborative Music Experiment

January 24, 2007

Slashdot | Global Collaborative Music Experiment: “Last year, 165 bands completed the RPM Challenge: to record an original album (10 songs or 35 minutes) during the 28 days of February. The idea is to get musicians to set aside the barriers that stop them from working on their music and simply devote a month to getting it done. This year, more than 300 bands from around the world — including two groups from McMurdo station in Antarctica — have already signed up at, and this time the organizers of the challenge have built into the site the ability for bands to share samples with each other. If a band chooses to upload a sample into the Sample Engine, then any other participating group can use it however they like. The possibilities for global collaboration are vast!”

Ah, this is a good thing. With Danny and I starting up our Songchild project this year, it is wonderful any time I hear people are finding new tools for sharing stories and songs.

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