A Girl Like Me

January 27, 2007

Thanks to Jeremy‘s blog post, I found this video. Everyone in my classes should watch this video. For the content, of course, and also in terms of how technology gives people the potential for a voice that is all too often ignore.

Information on the documentary and the film makerMedia That Matters Film Festival: A Girl Like Me: Filmmaker Bios

3 Responses to “A Girl Like Me”

  1. Interesting posts by Jason just keep coming and coming. 🙂

    I thought that this was really really good doc on a lot of fronts, but was curious about one thing… At the end they get into their identities as “Africans” and at least one woman indicates that she feels they were forced to lose their culture during their slave history — they don’t even know which part of Africa they were from. But is it not part of the racism that they feel, which makes them want to identify as Africans (when they are clearly not African culturally, linguistically, ideologically)? Rather than to continue to be identified as “American”, which the doc implicitly equates with “white America”, to instead seek another identity to take on rather than being themselves? To find an identity which they’ve idealised as maybe being a place they will belong, when in fact they very likely might find themselves feeling quite at odds in Africa? How does becoming an “African” solve their racism problems in the US? These are just some of the questions I’d like to ask the filmmaker — or the subjects themselves!

    I’m interested, too, in their lack of identification as “Americans” for looking at their clothes, their surroundings, their hair styles, piercings, accents, … I’d wonder where their American identity is and why it’s not given the time of day in the doc.

    Anyway… just some thoughts. Great doc. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Gald you found it interesting. Some folks lament that things haven’t changed, but they have (though not enough). The big differences that people should notice is that the documentary was a) made by a black woman, b) made by a teenager, c) got national and international attention and support, and d) it was facilitated by using video technology AND social communications software (web, google video, youtube) to share it.

  3. Uh oh… I didn’t notice a, b, c, or d… does that mean I failed the assignment?! 😐