Learning Inquiry

January 4, 2006

I know that I’m jumping the gun a bit, but I thought I’d like to take this moment to mention the new journal Learning Inquiry that Jeremy Hunsinger and I have started.

Learning Inquiry is a refereed scholarly journal which is devoted to establishing the area of “learning” as a focus for transdisciplinary study. The journal’s goal is to be a forum centered on learning that remains open to varied objects of enquiry, including machine, human, plant and animal learning as well as the processes of learning in business, government, and the professions, both in informal and formal environments. The audience for this journal will be anyone interested in learning, understanding its contexts, and anticipating its future. Learning Inquiry will strive to strike a balance between presenting innovative research and documenting current knowledge to foster a scholarly dialogue on learning independent of domain and methodological restrictions. Manuscripts should be written for an audience that is general in scope, and submissions can include essays, research articles, forums, review articles, and book reviews that document the state of knowledge and developments in the field. The journal will also present special issues that identify the central areas of learning enquiry to provide focus for future research. Through the use of review articles, special topical issues on topics, and research notes, documenting the state of the field, the journal will frame the discussions actualized in the The Encyclopedia of Learning, acting as a lively and dynamic forum to showcase new ideas and developments which could appear as entries in future versions of the Encyclopedia.

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