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Why are Dutch children so happy?

Professor Woj (the great mentor of my undergraduate years) pointed me to the BBC News article Why are Dutch children so happy? in response to the UNICEF report. Interesting read, and it just makes sense… parents, you reading this!!!

2 Responses to “Why are Dutch children so happy?”

  1. Clevergirl Says:

    I’m not a parent, but I read skimmed it anyway. Funny thing about that article is that their thesis statement pertains directly to younger children, but the only “children” quoted in the article are 15-18 years old (i.e. older “children”).

  2. jason Says:

    [friendlysarcasm]Yes, strange, isnt’ it, how some people don’t realize that these two stages of development have nothing whatsoever to do with each other?[/friendlysarcasm]. I think that in studying the older children who are able to articulate their experiences, they hope to understand the impact of early years experiences on children, perhaps.

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