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Too many topics, too little time. » Free Music Project: Creativity on Children’s Machine XO

Jeremy blogs about OLPC News: Free Music Project: Creativity on Children’s Machine XO: “While we are all impressed by mini TamTam, the OLPC XO music generation software, not every child is a composer at heart. But every child can find joy, fun, creativity, and education in music. That’s the idea behind the Free Music Project, a library of the best free music the web has to offer from Freeculture.org”

freeculture.org’s Free Music Project
We know you love music. We know you love free music.

Freeculture.org is building a library of the best free music the web has to offer. And we need your help.

This will be your music — you are the curators and creators. We want everything: all genres, all time periods, all cultures—as long as it is available under a license for sharing and collaboration.

Our first project is with OLPC, the One Laptop per Child project, also commonly referred to as the $100 Laptop.

OLPC News: OLPC: miniTamTam Video Will Blow You Away

miniTamTam video tutorial « TamTam: Music and sound for the OLPC

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