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EARLI - in Budapest

Looks like I’ve got 2 things going on for the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI) in Budapest this August.

EARLI Invited Symposia- How to publish in scholarly journals: Meeting of journal editors with the audience Organiser: Filip Dochy
This panel discussion gives EARLI members the opportunity to discuss with some journal editors about publishing and review procedures used in scholarly journals.After a short explanation of the journal publishing policy of the official EARLI journals ‘Learning & Instruction’ and ‘Educational Research Review’, editors of different journal will present their views on ‘how to submit articles to a scholarly journal’.Editors might give some data about rejection rates, the review process, and some do’s and don’ts for authors. The goal is to make clear ‘what is going on behind’, to make clear what the criteria are, that there is no mystery why some papers were rejected whereas others were accepted, and that it “is” possible to meet the criteria.During the second part, these topics can be discussed with the panel of editors. At the end of the meeting the editors can be approached for individual questions and advice.


The Futures of Learning Chair: Erik De Corte; Organiser: Jason Nolan

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