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the truth is that Wikipedia shouldn’t care

Alex has a nice post Wikipedia editor abased about the ongoing silliness about authority on Wikipedia. Read it rather than me, but what is important to me is that wikipedia made such an effort to position itself as something that was beyond the power and politics of the expert and academics, and then itself gets conned by ’sucking up to the prof’, “the truth is that Wikipedia shouldn’t care whether someone has a Ph.D. or not”. The funny thing is, it never occurred to me to push my degrees on wikipedia, and I encouraged my students to add new content when they thought it was appropriate… and by 4th year they sure know more about some aspects of ECE than I do, that’s for sure. It wasn’t supposed to be about whose academic tail is longer. Even in academic circles, we have blind peer review which should allow anyone who can write the stuff and pass the mustard, get published. Wikipedia is not only guilty of getting conned, and not checking its own self-generating fictions, but also in showing itself to be elitist. All MY best contributions have been anonymous :)

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